History of Mauna Kea Resort

It was while swimming in the turquoise waters of Kauna‘oa Bay, surrounded by a wide landscape of lava rock and ranchland with clear views of the Mauna Kea summit, that American conservationist and venture capitalist Laurance S. Rockefeller decided to build Hawaii Island’s first resort. His inspiration to capture the spirit of this special place and ensure the hotel conformed to, rather than intruded upon, these beautiful natural surroundings, became today’s Mauna Kea Resort and Beach Hotel. Learn more.

Today, generations and generations of families still vacation at this iconic property, while Mauna Kea Residences also opens its arms to welcome guests now discovering the Island of Hawaii.

Beyond an exquisite, natural, island paradise, Mauna Kea Resort has endless amenities and activities for travelers of all ages and preferences.