Big Island Adventure

Beyond the endless excitement at Mauna Kea Resort, there are not-to-be-missed adventures awaiting nearby. Check out these unforgettable experiences, recommended by our team.

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Helicopter Tours

Enjoy bird’s eye views of the dramatic eruption at Kīlauea, as well as lush valleys and waterfalls during a spectacular “flightseeing” tour. These hi-tech choppers are equipped with a state-of-the-art video camera, pilot narration, choreographed music, aviator headsets with personal volume control, polarized bubble windows, air-conditioning and more.


Mauna Kea’s summit is home to an international astronomy community that is the envy of stargazers worldwide and a must see for families. Experience a peek into worlds beyond and learn a bit about Polynesian celestial navigation that guided canoe voyagers to Hawaii for the first time with Stargaze Hawaii. See constellations outlined with powerful lasers, and deep space objects such as planets, galaxies, nebulae, interesting stars, star clusters, and multiple star systems with Celestron 11 Telescopes.

Nighttime Manta Ray Snorkel

A must-try at Mauna Kea is the nightly, guided Manta Ray Snorkel Tour. These gentle giants ‘dance’ as they are attracted to the lights, feeding on krill. Manta Rays, or hahalua in Hawai’ian, can reach wingspans of 30 feet and glide gracefully through the calm waters.

Hawaii Forest & Trail

Ignite your sense of adventure with Hawaii volcano tours, educational bird watching tours and an inspiring Mauna Kea tour. Hawaii Forest & Trail nature tours allow you to experience majestic nature in a small group, guided tour setting.

Big Island Bike Tours

There is no better way to experience Hawai’i than on a bicycle. The fresh air, unique sights, sounds and smells experienced while biking offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in this paradise. Located in beautiful Waimea at the historic Anna Ranch, Big Island Bike Tours provides a range of services including fully supported rides, tours, and rentals. The fleet of bikes includes Bianchi Carbon road bikes, OPEN Cycles for gravel adventures, Giant Mt. Bikes, and Giant Ebikes powered by Yamaha.